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Cycle Websockets API


The Cycle Websockets API offers real-time data updates. WebSockets is a bidirectional protocol offering fastest real-time data, helping users build real-time applications. All channels offered require authentication supported through our REST API and the authentication endpoints will match the endpoint of the websocket the user desires.

General Points

  • All messages are JSON encoded.
  • Token's required to be passed as a query parameter can be obtained by using the corresponding REST endpoint.
  • Timestamps should not be considered unique and not be considered as aliases for transaction IDs. Also, the granularity of timestamps is not representative of transaction rates.


The API client must request an authentication "token" via the associated REST endpoint. The token should be used within 15 minutes of creation. The token does not expire once a connection is made but a new token will need to be obtained if the connection is dropped and the current token has expired.

Authentication Return Struct Example

"data": {
"token": "OG4BTTP3V_nBh92ETm9qGOAbcCvPTS-M9DE_0UWs2-oCd7WnGuhNxVq2jsEbc7dWP9YXnBsXkabno4OlarGxRbfhumpOlllYr6wTu8TLaml1OWCoOzhk30x4U7Jnp3zm1hhiKEKNZFbDBbkbnk65EHUdPAPdskXlGmBccCGBjMCxnA_gbY9BdDRNiM9WSN_v"
Authentication Response Structs

Some endpoints will return more than just the token, be sure the check the REST API documentation for the full struct for each endpoint.